EveryCircuit Free Varies with device


Design and simulate electronic circuits!

Now with visual transient analysis - voltage and current animations!

This educational SPICE-like tool is the best for experimenting with electronic circuits. Schematic editor lets you arrange devices, connect them, and adjust their parameters. Once the circuit is ready, a custom-built circuit simulation engine solves it in real time. You can create any analog or digital circuit from a simple voltage divider to a transistor-level masterpiece.

Animations of all voltages and currents make it easy to understand circuit operation. You will be amazed by this visual simulation interface!

This free version has limited sandbox area, but it can still impress you. If you need a larger playground, a full version is available. The full version will employ all of your imagination, and all the screen area of your Honeycomb tablet.


+ Automatic wire routing

+ Animations of voltage waveforms

+ Animations of current flows

+ Seamless DC and transient simulation

+ Single play/pause button controls simulation

+ Saving and loading of circuit schematic

+ Mobile simulation engine built from ground-up

+ Intuitive user interface

+ No Ads


+ Sources, signal generators

+ Resistors, capacitors, inductors

+ MOS transistors, diodes

+ Ideal operational amplifier

+ Digital logic gates, AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR, XOR, XNOR

What's next:

+ Full size waveform plots

+ More components

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